I recently had an Akashic Records reading with Sister Tonya. I am the first to say, I was a little skeptical about it but very curious. I’ve known Sister Tonya for about 20 years. She operates from the highest level of integrity I’ve ever seen. She has always displayed a phenomenal ability to assess people through auras, body language, or just how the person communicates verbally.

Her compassion for the human being is fantastic. When my records reading was performed, I perceived it to be extremely accurate. It also left me with a very heightened understanding of my true purpose. I appreciated her ability to explain what was read-clearly and to the point. I would highly recommend an Akashic Records reading from Sister Tonya.

Stephanie Roberts

Brooklyn, NY- March 2018

Tonya’s Akashic Records reading gave me: Clarity, Direction, and Joy! Since having done my reading with Tonya, I find myself simply smiling even when the circumstances in my life may not warrant a smile. It is almost as if the reading resurrected and gifted me a long-lost special secret that I am able to carry with me in my heart and in my life.

It was a secret “knowing” that I had suspected but been unsure of my whole life. There was an enormous amount of confirmation for me throughout the entire reading. Us delving deep into my records has given me such a deep sense of
understanding along with a groundedness that has become my driving force. The Akashic Records done through Sister Tonya, (and by the way, I had them read before by someone else) was read with a different kind of depth.

It was an entirely new experience! I am so grateful that I didnt say to her: “No, I am good..I already had them done!” So, if you are new to the records OR familiar with them-hire Tonya. The experience is priceless. One of the main things I’ve walked away with from this reading is an inner knowing, and a trust I now have for the unknown. In the past, I felt afraid to take action for fear of the unknown or when taking action-I dreaded every minute of it.

This reading freed me from that! The reading gave me such a feeling of being settled that during feelings of uncertainty, NOW, I learned to appreciate the fact that even the tiniest miracle is hidden in the place of the unknown. I think that one of the most precious gifts. I am truly grateful to have had a chance to open it in this lifetime. I couldn’t have asked for a better guide during this process! Thank
you, Sister Tonya.

Yaye Fatou

West Mount Airy Pennsylvania, January 2018

This reading walked me from my childhood through my teenage years, on up to my present life. The information gave me a different perspective on myself and my circumstances. I had no idea what to expect. This was good.

Khalil M

February 2018 New York, NY

The reading that I received was illuminating, honest and factual. It definitely verified some things that I had been suspecting & had feelings about. Sister Tonya made them clear for me, which opened up a path for me to stretch out and not be afraid to reach my goals. I may not know the direction the path is taking me, but now, im able to stay on it & trust that it will lead me to the necessary results.

I can now face the difficulty of completing unpredictable tasks. That reading was very very illuminating. She knows what she is doing. She knows what she is talking about.

Mr. N.P

March 2018 New Jersey

I am very fortunate to have met Sister Tonya and to have been blessed to have an Akashic Records reading done by her. This reading was extremely accurate and informative. I hadn’t even asked Sister Tonya any questions beforehand and yet, the questions were answered about areas I have wondered about for years. From this reading, I received clarity about my life so that I could move forward with more confidence.

I left the reading clear about why im here and what I am to do while I am here. The reading has brought peace to me as it pertains to relationships and confirmation was given about my God-given gifts. Being empowered is what I can say I experienced with Sister Tonya with this reading and her follow up consultation and coaching. What an amazing experience this reading has been for
my life.

Heidi Williams

Atlanta GA, "The Raw Food Diva",

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