Services Offered

3 Types Of Readings, 3 Different Levels Of Coaching, & Energetic Realignment Of Properties.

Readings are recommended for anyone interested in living in alignment with their highest purpose. The reading will reveal who you are at soul-level and the coaching will assist you in creating a life consistent with who you really are.

Akashic Records Reading

This reading requires the access of your soul story, from an ancient energetic database. Find out: Who you are, why you’re here, what your gifts are, and how you can use those gifts to create abundance.


Palm Purpose:

(Scientific Hand Analysis Reading) This reading requires the use of an Inking Kit. By examining your fingerprints and unique hand markings, you can learn about the unique set of instructions that are specific to you. You can learn how to carry out these instructions to create your best experience. 

Claircognizant Reading:

This reading focuses on bringing ancient wisdom to any area (of focus) in your life by uncovering self-imposed limitations, generational patterns etc. That are not accessible to you in your immediate consciousness.

Spiritual Realignment / Reassignment of Properties

This work is intended to assess and clear/neutralize any negative or discordant energies influencing your home or business. Negative energy can potentially disrupt harmony and cash flow.

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